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Tomas Weiss - Submental Vol 4

The album unfolds into magnificently and expansive wide-screen drone panoramas, flowing and ebbing, utterly warm and tranquil, hauntingly enriched by subtle embedded slow melodies. Warmly pleasant and spacious, nearly cinematic washes, flavored with various distant sonic fragments.
Tomas Weiss & Mathias Grassow - Quiet Calling I (2017 Edition)

"Quiet Calling I" by Tomas Weiss & Mathias Grassow is the most successful album in our catalogue. The CD has been out of print since 2012 and is finally re-released now as a limited Edition - it comes with an unreleased 20-minutes Bonus-Track and is for the first time available as Luxus Digipak!
Duff Egan - The future of man

el culto TIP - highly recommended!

Rising and falling tonal layers fuse into a continuum that seems to lift the listener out of perceptual linearity, expanding space into a perpetual metamorphosis of form. Within its deep structure, "The future of man" weaves intricate complexities that create an intimate reflection.
Klaus Wiese - Space II

"Space" in this musical context is synonymous with absence of mind. There is no distraction from seductive melodies, rather a clear tenderness in authentic deep sounds. The 4 extra-long tracks featured on "Space II" unfold their real impact by each passing minute, creating a "home in space as ONE place.
Common Ground - dto

Common Ground is a silky soft album of delicate pads and airy textures where subtle melodies and understated phrases unfold in graceful, ponderous restraint. Great Ambient-Music, there is plenty going on among the shifting undulations, tonal flushes and the rise and fall of the drone.
Roderick Packe - Stills

"Stills" attracts with warmly pleasant and spacious, nearly cinematic washes, nicely flavored with various distant sonic fragments. It is leaded by ethereally panoramic drifts, serenely flowing and cascading through few rather intenser passages.
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Wintersilence - Slow Focus

Imagine the silence of winter, imagine the sound of being outside when snowflakes are falling on a bed of landscapes full of snow. Imagine the moment when you are observing all this and try to imagine the feeling of being a part of these silent moments! "Slow Focus" bring this state back by creating inner pictures, moods and feelings on a personal level as described above.
Klaus Wiese - Shapes I

Shapes I wasn´t released anywhere else before. Most albums by Wiese are clearly split into releases with a more acoustic approach (e.g. "Klangschalen"), while other CDs like "Space" + "Maquam" had a very spatious, hypnotic and timelessly ambient feeling. Shape I focuses on the latter style, inviting the listener to experience a deep, lasting journey through time and space.

Klaus Wiese & Tomas Weiss - Aeon

Deep drones, slowly evolving melodies and an overall warm sound quality, perfect for any kind of relaxation and personal reflection, as all music is mixed without interruption between the tracks.
Tomas Weiss & Nuur - Polaris

"Mystical, with a narrative that feels both cold and warm…if you believe these opposites can't be successfully reconciled on a single album, listen to "Polaris" and think again - Touché…with Polaris, Tomas Weiss and Nuur have created the Ambient/Drone album of 2015" (Yle - Finish State Radio)