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Klaus Wiese - el Hadra (2019 Version)

:: for the first time mixed without any pauses
:: fully remastered with high-end analogue equipment for an extra warm sound quality
:: correction of several errors found in the Original
:: for the first time as a luxury + matt Digipak
Aestrata - Echoes of Memories (+ Bonus CD)

These deep atmospheres are perfect for exploring vast imaginary worlds - the surest way to the inner self is through exploration of new and so far unknown external environments. This album is totally atmospheric as well as mesmerizing. There are no distractions and there is an infinite number of hidden meanings. The soul of the listener determines the route of the journey.
Deep Colours - CD Editions

:: you love our Deep Colours shows?
:: you would love to have them on CD?
:: even as a limited Collectors Edition?
:: including a printed + signed playlist?
:: fully remastered for best sound quality?
:: and orderable in 2 different versions?

Here you are :-)
Nautic Depths - North Passage II

11 years have been passed since we released the highly respected album „North Passage“ by Nautic Depths. Now at the beginning of 2019 we are very pleased to announce the follow up.

Expect ultra-deep atmospheres, slow moving melodies and a top-notch analog mastering for spatial depths + an extraordinary warm sound.
Tomas Weiss / APK - Revelation (2019 Edition incl new Bonus CD)

:: This new 2019 Edition includes a Bonus CD with unreleased music and comes for the first time in a luxury Digipak.

:: Additionally and contrary to the Original Version, the 2019 Edition is now „fully-mixed" WITHOUT any pauses between the tracks.
Quiet Calling - Submental Limited

:: The last Chapter of the Submental Series

:: Limited Special Edition with hand-numbered CDs + unique "vinyl-look" design

A very warm and challenging journey into deep and untouched sound-worlds - comes in form of a lengthy mixed album.
Klaus Wiese - Submental Vol. 5

These atmospheres, built upon low drones, are perfect for exploring the psyche and the soul - the surest way to the inner self is through the exploration of the external self. This CD is totally atmospheric and mesmerizing - there are no distractions and there is an infinite number of hidden meanings. The psyche of the listener determines the route of the journey.

Tomas Weiss / Mathias Grassow - Electric Angels (2018 Edition incl Bonus CD)

"Electric Angels" is a spacious adventure, showcasing an hour of high quality Ambient with an amazing array of subtle and intricate detail. The music evolves slowly and deliberately, ranging from engaging dronescapes to warm textures, flavored with a touch of early Space Music.
Back in stock
Quiet Calling V (First Edition incl Mini CD)

A mindbending continuation of this series. Deeper than ever before, the album features slow hypnotic movements with harmonic, morphing structures with a great sensation of space. We highly recommend using a good pair of headphones for listening to all the samples, to fully appreciate the extraordinary depths and warm feeling of this new album.

Nuur - Mystic View (Ltd Edition)

Deep drones, slowly evolving melodies and an overall warm sound quality, perfect for any kind of relaxation and personal reflection, as all music is mixed without interruption between the tracks.

--> el culto TIP - highly recommended