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You can buy the "Standard Edition" HERE


Klaus Wiese - Rest (Collectors Edition)

Preorder: Rest (Collectors Edition)

:: Strictly limited copies + the offer is only valid until Sunday 11. February. If all copies are sold out before Sunday the order form automatically gets inactive

:: The Collectors Edition comes as an unique double-side colored CD

:: The Collectors Edition comes with a 95% discount-code for the previously unreleased Album "Opal" by Klaus Wiese for download on Bandcamp

:: 30% discount for all other CD´s listed on el culto

:: 30% discount for all Albums on both Bandcamp sites (el culto + Klaus Wiese)

:: Originally composed in 1995, completely analog mastered in 2017 by Tomas Weiss

:: "Rest" explores a special mental and physical state - that of resting. A word, often used to simply describe a sensation of calmness. The album "Rest" was created to explore a deeper understanding of this topic through tones, sound and music. To reach such a divine way of being, much more is required than thinking about it in terms of language. Additionally, there are several other important stages which have to be passed, before arriving at a complete feeling of restfulness. As with steps taken to reach hypnosis, deep rest can be entered through repetition and constant focus, which helps relieve the mind from external distractions. Once reached, a second phase starts where thoughts turn increasingly "liquid" and slowly fade away, while gradually giving way to true "Rest" (Klaus Wiese)