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Mathias Grassow - Uttarakuru

"Uttarakuru" comes as a 2 CDs album, each over 70 minutes long and both in a uninterrupted form. "Uttarakuru" has been composed at the same period like, the recently repressed album, "Himalaya". By this matter, it can be described as beeing the twin of "Himalaya" in regard to a similiar mood and flow. No doubt, people who are loving "Himalaya" won´t be dissapointed as both "Uttarakuru" CDs are developing like a hypnotic "sound spiral" for deep resting and personal reflection in moments where a peaceful stillness is appreciated! This double CD album delivers an exceptional warm sound and never turns into harsh moments.

Pressed Double CD + 12-page Booklet

Germany ordering - 25 Euro (including shipping)

Europe ordering - 27 Euro (including shipping)

Rest of world ordering - 29 Euro (including shipping)

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