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Con Sense / Solveil - Compass



"Kudos to Ben Fleury-Steiner at Gears of Sand for consistently finding superb new artists. This time around it's Con_Sense with Compass - a rich, deep work that seamlessly melds dark ambient textures with irresistible beats for a fully immersive listening experience. The disk begins with the sinewy electronic slither of "Threshold," a thick undergrowth of drums and jumbled sounds punctuated with sudden balalaika-like bursts. "Tarika" ups the beat ante with a mechanical clank-and-throb over the rise and fall of ghostly vocals, and begins a gentle Middle-Eastern vibe that carries into the wailing voices and percussive atmosphere of "Gathering From Step Beyond." From there, "Structures" insinuates itself quietly with a jazzy downtempo beat and hushed tones like half-heard secrets. The fantastically hypnotic "La-U-Tir" charges in next powered by a driving beat and a barrage of electro-birthed sounds. Halfway through the percussion drops away suddenly, and it's like a reprieve, however temporary, from a forcible groove. This is the pure highlight of the disk. The lengthy drone of "Sirius" then moves in slowly, a welcome sonic balm that calms like a long, soul-felt exhalation. An easy beat rises to complement the quiet base without disturbing the relaxed feel it's imparted. This is a beautifully meditative stretch, time well spent inside the sound. Then it's back into high gear with the potent bass twang and long-hanging pads of "Compass Error" as they swirl upward in an ever-more-complex spiral of sound. The disk closes with "Starry Sky," replete with appropriately twittering, glistening sequencer lines. This is a disk that will most certainly get a lot of repeat play, and offers enough depth and layering of sound to reward subsequent listens. Have I gushed about Compass enough yet? Clearly, this is a Hypnagogue Highly Recommended CD." (Hypnogogue)

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First up come Con_Sense, two name artists going nameless in protest against authorial genre-driven imperatives; point being that artists tend to situate themselves too readily in a specific genre straitjacket. Their aim is to float free between various stylings, to spring something new out of hybridisation, bidding listeners open minds to other styles they may have been closed to. Compass is a fresh and wild enough package of high resolution atmospheric ambient with occasional beats, fusing something of neue Berlin (Monolake) with traces from alte Berlin school (K. Schulze). From the sinewy slither of “Threshold”, with its dense thrumming undergrowth and compressed sound-curtain threaded with zither-y motifs, to the sputtering sequences of “Starry Sky,” it blazes its genrecidal trail. In between “Tarika” ups the beat ante with a mechanical clank-throb over the wellings of ghostly vocals, while ululations and roiling percussive atmospheres animate “Gathering From Step Beyond.” Best of all is the hypnotic “La-U-Tir”, a teeming mélange of bit-crush and beat-push." (Furthernoise)

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"On Compass, Con_Sense part the overwrought red seas of laptop nonsense in the yielding of sonic schemes aburst with good sense. Scattering moonshot contrails over grey fields that drone on into the night, the mysterious duo possess a rhythmic tenacity that makes for heady spiralling down their interspatial sinks. Case in point is the lengthy "Sirius": astronauts in awe viewing swiftly blossoming nebulae, synths a rush of blurred images surging in heavenly resins, until fluorescent beats eclipse the night sky, bidding travellers' return. Con_Sense inaugurate a new breed of cosmic courier, dreaming in tangerine yet funkily-flavored — pretty great." (Signal to Noise Magazine)