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Limited CD Bundle


:: strictly limited copies + valid only until Friday, 13. October

:: includes Quiet Calling V (First Edition incl Mini CD) in luxury matte Digipak

:: includes the new CD Album „Nexus“ by Nautic Depths

:: 50% discount for 1 CD of your choice

:: 30% discount for ALL other CDs on el culto

Quiet Calling V - a mindbending continuation of this series. Deeper than ever before, the album features slow hypnotic movements with harmonic, morphing structures with a great sensation of space. We highly recommend using a good pair of headphones for listening to all the samples, to fully appreciate the extraordinary depths and warm feeling of this new album.


Price for CD Bundle

Worldwide: 25 Euro (including shipping)

--> With the el culto Bundle you will save 40% compared to the regular price of 44 Euro for both CD albums after the end of this Preorder


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:: please double check that all required fields in the order form are filled in.

:: after receiving your order, we will contact you as soon as possible with details on making your payment.

:: we highly recommend to use the option of registered shipping if you order more than 3 CDs.

:: incoming orders for this limited offee are handled on a "first come, first serve" basis, to give everyone an equal chance. We can´t reserve copies unless we have received your payment.

:: shipping of all orders starts on 27th October.


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