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UPDATE 03. December
--> only 1 very last copy left


- Autumn Deal -

The Autumn Deal is our LAST big offer in 2021

It is strictly limited to 50 bundles and it includes exclusive Special Editions made for this Deal ONLY
Also check out the other, newly added albums on our mainpage (and use the 30% discount)


:: includes Wintersilence - Snowlands I + II (exclusive Autumn-Deal Edition)
--> comes in a massive 6-panel Double-Digipak with "panorama" artwork + expensive silk-lamination
--> you can check out a preview of the front artwork HERE
--> this ultra-limited Extended Luxus Edition includes 2 CDs
--> each copy is uniquely hand-numbered

:: includes Outland II by Tomas Weiss / Mathias Grassow (exclusive Autum-Deal Edition)
--> the follow-up album of the highly respected CD from 2007
--> comes exclusively as a special hand-numbered CD
--> continuously mixed for a highly meditative musical flow
--> officially, the album will not be available before next year

:: includes for FREE :: Mystic Land & Tomas Weiss (exclusive Introduction Album)
--> with this first collaboration we welcome the fantastic artist "Mystic Land" on el culto
--> includes over 1 hour of highly meditative + deep-emotional music
--> this limited digital album comes exclusively within the Autumn Deal
--> includes the album cover artwork in high-resolution quality
--> offered in many different formats (selectable in the order form)

:: includes a secret voucher for the upcoming new CD album by El Hadra
--> after 10 years of silence look forward to the next milestone called "Another Perception"
--> the voucher is also valid for the limited + special 1st Edition (incl Bonus CD)
--> you can use the voucher DESPITE it being part of a new deal with a special price already

:: only 17 Euro for the previously unreleased album "Sayir" by Klaus Wiese (--> EXCLUSIVE)
--> this is a secret release - the site above is hidden and NOT visible on el culto yet
--> this CD album comes exclusively within the Autumn Deal
--> a long-form pure Ambient album with vast space + warm drifting atmospheres

:: only 13 Euro for Episode 27 by Deep Colours (--> NEW + just released today)
--> the same price for ALL the other available Episodes
--> that´s a huge saving of 6 Euro per Episode

:: 30% discount for all other CDs listed on el culto (except the CDs offered in this deal)
--> recently we have added several new albums - check them out on our HOMEPAGE

:: includes a 50% discount code for 3 Bandcamp sites --> el culto / Klaus Wiese / Deep Colours
--> the code is vaild for 1 month and can be used for all existing + upcoming albums
--> we guarantee that at least one brand-new album will be available in this period

:: includes 95% discount on Bandcamp for all albums bought within this offer (when available)

Autumn Deal (Extended Preview)


Price for Autumn Deal

Worldwide: 39 Euro (including standard shipping)

--> standard shipping is free but at your own risk - read more about it HERE
--> orders above 49 Euro require registered shipping (+ 3,50 Euro per package)
--> the complete price for all included albums will increase to 72 Euro after this deal expires


Ordering Notes

:: only 1 Bundle can be ordered per customer
:: please double check that all required fields in the order form are filled in corrrectly
:: after receiving your order, we will contact you as soon as possible about the payment details
:: incoming orders for this limited offer are handled on a "first come, first serve" basis
:: shipping of all preorders starts on 10th of December


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Klaus Wiese - Sayir (Exclusive CD)
13 Euro - Deep Colours
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