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News :: February 2019

As you have certainly already thought, our Deep Colours radio show is based on the idealistic vision to offer a wide variety of great music to listeners who appreciate meaningful music across different genres. We are very grateful for having met this goal and even surpassed it over the last one and a half year, thanks to your support. I´m sure most of you knew also that, aside from the Radio Show, I´m also writing and producing music for several projects. Additionally I´m involved in mixing and mastering jobs for 3rd party labels like for instance Arc who are re-releasing older Klaus Wiese albums.

As you can imagine sometimes that means a tough and heavily restricted time-frame…for this reason and to keep the shows to a high standard, I´ve decided to make future Deep Colours shows „liquid" in the time window instead of having fixed dates like they’ve been until now.

This means, from now on we will produce new Episodes ad hoc and will announce them with advance notice on our website and/or (more practically) by email. Without being nailed to fixed dates it makes it for us much easier to produce for instance spontaneous sets, secret shows, special Episodes and so on…

Since none of the future Episodes will have a „fixed date" we have added below a specific Deep Colours "email notification" form where you can subscribe. Please note, that we inform ONLY subscribed users by email about upcoming shows. The advantage of this option is that ONLY those who are interested in the Deep Colours show will get emails from us about new Episodes. This helps avoid any annoyance about receiving unwanted emails. Those who don´t want to subscribe to this service have to check the radio site manually for upcoming shows.

- Tomas Weiss -


Deep Colours - Email Notification

Here you can subscribe to our special "Email Service" for new Episodes. It works very simple: As soon as we have a date for the next Episode you will get informed about it by email.

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Deep Colours | 10. February 2019 (Episode 17)

Each previous show will be available here until the next Episode. By using the "Chrome" browser, the player below also offers a download option so you can save it on your device in mp3 format (128kbit).

--> Here you can find the detailed Playlist