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Payment on Delivery

Starting on July 01 2013, we are offering "Payment on Delivery" - this service is only available for selected countries in Europe! The restriction to those countries listed below is not a decision made by us, but German Postal Service!

By using this service your package will ALWAYS be sent as a registered package, so you don´t have to worry about receiving it. The prices below have to be added on top of your total. It won´t be reasonable if you order only 1 item, but works very well with multiple orders, as the price is ALWAYS the same per package! If you order more than 1 CD, you will also get a Shipping Offset for each additional CD you add to your order - you can read more about the Shipping Offset and savings HERE

Additional costs per package:

:: Germany = 6,50 Euro

Countries listed below = 12,50 Euro

:: Spain
:: Italy
:: Latvia
:: Austria
:: Portugal
:: San Marino
:: Vatican City State

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