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Klaus Wiese - Moksha

(Night Version - CD Exclusive)

:: this special "Night Version" comes EXCLUSIVELY with the CD Edition - it isn´t and won´t be digitally available ever (i.e Bandcamp)

:: the „Night Version“ is completely differently mixed + mastered, resulting in a continuously flowing album without any annoying pauses between the tracks. Additionally we re-mastered the album once again for the lossless CD Format which allows us to offer you now a new, unbeatable sound quality

:: the artwork is taken from the release on Bandcamp - it´s linked to identify the corresponding album - The CD release comes with a special „Fusion" label cover including additional information on the back

:: you will get the album for 8 Euro only if you own the "Original" Version on Bandcamp - more details about this Upgrade you can find here --> Important Details about Fusion

Worldwide - 19 Euro (incl standard shipping)
- Standard shipping is free but at your own risk -

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--> if you own the digital Bandcamp version of one or more albums you can order the CD(s) for 8 Euro each only, provided that the order will be sent TOGETHER with any other purchase on el culto, exceeding the total amount of at least 21 Euro.

--> you can easily exceed the 21 Euro "limit" by ordering 3 Fusion CDs in the form below (provided you own the Bandcamp version of these albums) or alternatively by adding one or more other albums (Fusion excluded) from the el culto site with 20% discount.

--> after receiving your order we will first validate your order with the Bandcamp database and after that you will receive an email with further details.

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