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Sleep Series

Sleep Series - Silence in Music

As all of you know, el culto was from the very beginning deeply involved in the Ambient genre. We are also known for our aim to offer deep, hypnotic and meditative music. Due to many customer requests for more „silent" albums like the „Sleep Editions" we have released for some albums, we decided to create a special Series for this purpose only.

Many of our albums and tracks are artistically varied, featuring different atmospheres. However, as good as they are on their own, sometimes they don’t work well when it comes to sleeping purposes. This is exactly where the „Sleep Series" enters the game… as the project name already suggests, the Sleep Series will focus exclusively on warm, silent and very slow moving music dedicated to all kinds of states involving sleep, napping and even hypnosis.

None of the „Sleep" releases will include harsh frequencies, unexpected volume jumps or distracting sounds (like drums or percussions) that suddenly appear and „wake you up" from the silent state you are looking for.

--> Coming Soon (First release is scheduled for June 2019)