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Inera - Music that lasts

The label was founded in 2013 by Brian Ivers (Wintersilence / Subtle Motion). Inera is based in Ireland and offers each release as a manufactured CD packaged in a glossy Luxus Digipak.

Inera clearly isn´t restricted to one style or genre - as the header implies, the label´s aim is simply to release music that has a lasting impact. Even so, Brian has been greatly influenced by electronic music released during the last 15 years. He also values and admires a lot of music from other styles, especially those which cut across genre boundaries. While Inera clearly has its foundation in electronic music, none of the releases will be restricted to a single genre.

el culto exclusively distributes all Inera releases worldwide. As we do the same with the Arc label from India, we have agreed with Brian to manufacture the discs for both labels in Ireland. This option allows us to improve the logistics of working with both labels, allowing us to efficiently handle disc imports and ensure their availability in our shop.