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Tomas Weiss - With Autumn I + II

:: limited Extended Luxus Edition including 2 CDs
:: each copy is uniquely hand-numbered
:: comes in a massive 6-panel Double-Digipak

These ultra-deep atmospheres are perfect for exploring vast imaginary worlds - the surest way to the inner self is through exploration of new and so far unknown external environments..

Nautic Depths & Nuur - Lone Shadows

Ultra-deep drones, slowly evolving textures and an overall warm sound quality - perfect for a deep diving sound experience as the complete album is mixed with no interruption between the tracks.

--> el culto TIP - highly recommended

Con Sense / Solveil - Compass (2023)

:: 2023 Reissue / Repress with NEW music
:: ultrea-deep flowing space atmospheres with subtle rhythms and textural movements
:: strictly limited to 55 copies only
:: remastered with high-end analogue equipment for an extra warm sound quality
:: be sure to check out the great reviews

Klaus Wiese - Akhira (Night Version)

:: previously unreleased "Night Version"
:: for the first time officially available on CD
:: ultra deep Ambient and Space Music
:: fully remastered for best sound quality + provides a massive spatial improvement
:: correction of errors found in the DAT Version
Klaus Wiese - Maquam (Repress)

:: 2023 Reissue / Repress (Limited Edition)

"Maquam" is a magnum opus in the world of deep Ambient Music. The album includes 3 very long tracks, offering hypnotic expanding soundscapes and subtle rhythms leading to a mental Trance state. Perfectly for meditation and sleep purposes
Tomas Weiss - Zeitlos (Repress)

:: 2023 Reissue / Repress (Limited Edition)

This mindbending album features slow hypnotic movements with harmonic, morphing structures with a great sensation of space. We highly recommend using a good pair of headphones for listening to the samples, to fully appreciate the depths and warm feeling of this unique CD album

Klaus Wiese - Cosmogony

:: originally released in 1999 as a limited Tape
:: comes as a limited + hand-number Special CD
:: fully remastered for best sound quality + provides a massive spatial improvement
:: includes rich and slowly evolving Space + Ambient music - continuously mixed for a highly meditative musical flow.
Tomas Weiss & Gary Johnson - Slow Current

"Slow Current„ is an eclectic and challenging album as it contains a wide spectrum of Ambient music - from slow moving soundscapes to darker drones and subtle melodic textures. Over an hour of exceptionally high quality Ambient Music with an amazing range of subtle and intricate details. The music evolves slowly and deliberately, ranging from engaging soundscapes to warm textures with a touch of endless sounding Space Music.
Aestrata - Innertales I + II

:: limited Extended Luxus Edition including 2 CDs
:: comes in a luxury 4-panel Double-Digipak
:: special "Inera" Label Edition - 50 copies only

With this brand-new "Aestrata" double album you can expect pure and very complex Ambient/Space music - both CDs are perfect for late night listening explorations

Silenos - Submental Vol. 7

A new Volume of our highly respected Submental Series as a Special Edition - this time by a very well known Ambient artist who performs under the secret moniker „Silenos". A very spatious, hypnotic and timelessly flowing ambient album, inviting the listener to experience a deep, lasting journey through time and space - highly recommended!
Nautic Depths - Elsewhere II + III + Bonus

9 years have been passed since we released the highly respected album „Elsewhere I“. Now we are very pleased to release the next parts of this series as a ultra-limited Luxus Edition (6-panel Digipak) including in total 3 CDs.

Expect ultra-deep atmospheres, slow moving melodies and a top-notch analog mastering for spatial depths + an extraordinary warm sound.

Tomas Weiss - Nah & Fern

The album unfolds into magnificently and expansive wide-screen drone panoramas, flowing and ebbing, utterly warm and tranquil, hauntingly enriched by subtle embedded slow melodies. Warmly pleasant and spacious, flavored with various distant sonic fragments :: Limited Edition of 50 copies only
Klaus Wiese - Off Earth

"Lone Earth" is the third and final part of this incredible spacious and limited "Earth Series", showcasing an hour of high quality Ambient Music with an amazing array of subtle and intricate detail. The music evolves slowly and deliberately, ranging from engaging dronescapes to warm textures, flavored with a touch of early Space Music.